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Hofgasse in Mörbisch am See


Enjoy the incomparable, world-famous performances of the Mörbisch Lake Festival on the enchanting freshwater stage; visit high-calibre exhibitions of regional artists; tread through the tiny lanes of old Mörbisch. Folkloric, traditional festivals enlivened by zestful concerts of Mörbisch music groups round out the kaleidoscope of events at your fingertips, and not only in high season.

In a nutshell: Mörbisch offers a wide cultural spectrum. And its stage set is an unusual world of nature bursting with fascinating life. Together they are unique, unparalleled.

Lake Festival Mörbisch

Ever since its launch in 1957 by singer Herbert Alsen, the Mörbisch Lake Festival has been considered to be the true home of operettas. And more recently, also of classic musicals.

In summer 2018, “Gräfin Mariza” by Emmerich Kálmán will be performed, ensuring entertainment and fine music alike.



Lake Festival 2018: "Gräfin Mariza" performances from
12 July to 25 August 2018

Hungarian czárdás and Bohemian polkas on the Lake Stage

A boisterous and carefree countess, an invented groom, and a poverty stricken count – in Emmerich Kálmán’s operetta “Gräfin Mariza” there are innumerable amorous complications and a bevy of grand melodies. The operetta “Gräfin Mariza” which premiered in 1924 in Vienna numbers among the most successful operettas of all time, all over the world. Who would not be swayed and seduced by melodies such as “Come on along to Varasdin” or “Come, Zigány”?

An entertaining story with plenty of surprises

Countess Gräfin Mariza, as rich as she is beautiful, has her work cut out for her, warding off her many suitors and fortune hunters. For that reason, she invents a fictitious fiancé as a defense. Unfortunately there actually exists a baron of the same name. And to Mariza’s horror, he is not at all averse to marrying her. And of all things, right at the moment when she meets Tassilo, the new manager of her country estate, whom she far prefers to all her prior suitors, regardless of whether his social status is up to snuff.